Consulting, workshops & trainings 

Weronika Rosiak-Jedz - I work empathetically and prioritize thrust in business relations

I design and enhance services and products. 

I increase the potential of your company and team to build business value.

Together we find answers to your business challenges
in relations with clients, business partners and employees.


  • Designing, mapping and analysis of services

  • Customer Experience Management (enablement) - voice of customer management, building customer loyalty, improving customer satisfaction, building engagement through the delivered customer value

  • Customer Journey Maps - creation and analysis of end-to-end customer perspective

  • Customer-centric culture - planning and implementing internal events and activities

  • Design thinking - conducting the design thinking process to develop new ideas, concepts, services or products

  • Human-centric innovations and business solutions - designing project works prioritizing the needs, experiences, and perspectives of individuals or end-users

  • Research - planning and conducting interviews and surveys to verify customers and employees needs

  • Business and creative workshops - building and conducting meetings and activities tailored to business challenges

  • Support and development of teamwork at every stage of the project - empowering team synergy and integration